HELP WANTED: Will You Sponsor Lara?


Hi everyone,

I am sad to report that even as I have poured my heart into my ministry work for years now including caring for my special needs ministry dogs, I have extremely few donors and Monthly Sponsors.

I am on a low income and need to use emergency savings and have help from an anonymous source to try to keep up with my living expenses.

I make myself available 24-7 to the Lord and ministry and the ministry special needs dogs, and while I could quit ministry and go get a traditional job, I am 100% certain that God wants me to continue in my full-time ministry work which I am fully committed to do.

My life calling is to help people be totally devoted followers of the Lord Jesus Christ and to experience and enjoy a forever intimate relationship with God.

After some years on the road full-time for the Lord, I am currently based in Florida in order to focus more on my writing along with some streets and beach ministry.

This past year I lost a major sponsor who was led to give elsewhere to more closely match the causes he feels called to support.

I do not usually do traditional fundraising, and periodically when I let people know there is a need in recent years usually nobody responds or perhaps one or two.

If you are led to become a Monthly Sponsor of any amount, I would be exceedingly thankful. Donations are also very welcome, of course, though having regular sponsors is an extra big blessing as I press on in the Lord’s work.

You can click on the DONATE button below to become a Monthly Sponsor or Donate, or you can contact me at 843-338-2219 or to make arrangements to send a monthly check either directly or via your bank sending a check automatically each month.

Good News Ministry is a 501c3 non profit organization, and I am happy to provide a receipt upon request for tax purposes.

Please note all donations will go toward Good News Ministry as a whole including my small income, operating expenses, and care of the special needs ministry dogs. Special requests will be honored if you would like your donation to go toward anything specific.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you in advance to those who are led to become Monthly Sponsors or to donate. For those who give, you are helping me to help people around the world!

love & blessings,


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