Helping Others God’s Way


I love to help people. I love to be used by God to love, bless, encourage, pray for, support, and serve others. But as the Lord reminded me when He spoke the following words to my heart, when we help others for His sake and His glory, helping them to find and follow and live for Him, we need to be in His will in His time where He wants us with whom He wants us doing and saying what He wants not for our praise and glory but for His.

Helping others God’s way means we need to submit to His lordship and leadership for His sake. We need to seek and follow the Lord in all things including when it comes to helping others. Some of us who love helping others may tend to rush into helping others according to our flesh rather than by the leading of God’s Holy Spirit. Let us learn to let His Spirit lead the way!

Sometimes I try to help someone only to find out the Lord wanted me to help someone else and I was unavailable to do so because I was tied up helping someone He didn’t want me to help. Other times, I have helped people when instead He wanted me to use that time to spend alone with Him or simply resting and not doing ministry work at all.

Sometimes I have taken on a ministry opportunity He didn’t want me to take on at all because it proved to be a distraction from what He really wanted me doing. Sometimes I have continued helping someone when in fact the Lord wanted me to let go because He wanted to confront that person directly and lead the person to repentance without my interference. Sometimes I haven’t wanted to help someone He wanted me to help because I knew the person was mean and nasty and mired in sin and I was too filled with pride and judgment to help.

I am learning day by day to seek and follow the leading of the Lord in all of this. For He is Lord. We are not to live for ourselves and according to our own agendas when it comes to helping others. We are to humbly, lovingly, reverently, submissively make ourselves available to the Lord and to His will. He is to lead the way. Not us!

“…You want to help? Then you want to pick and choose how to help. Let me. I am Lord. Don’t try to be. If you want to help and that is exactly what I want for you and all my children, that is to love others and to help them, let me be in charge. Surrender to me. Help those I want you to help when I want you to help in the way I want where I want. And do not take the glory. It is mine.”

Father, help us to help others. Lead us. Guide us. Speak to us. Teach us right out of the pages of the Bible how to help others. Prepare us. Use us. Point us in the right direction. Give us opportunities. And please don’t let us try to steal your glory because it truly, dear and precious Father, belongs to you. Thank you, Lord, thank you so very much that you would use us “earthen vessels” (2 Cor. 4:7) to share your love and provision and all that you give us to help others with – in your name, for your glory, AMEN!

“Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:6

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