Helping to Build an Orphanage


When God put on my heart to donate 100% of proceeds from my book Slow Dance with Jesus when sold at the Christian Shoppe in VA to the Mizerak family, I had no idea what he had in mind. Molly Mizerak, one of the most beautiful women I have ever met in her love and service for the Lord, recently went to heaven at age 47. I figured the money would help pay her medical bills or at the very least help her family catch up on personal bills following Molly’s months-long battle with cancer. But God had a much bigger plan than I could see. In memory of Molly, her husband and children decided to help build an orphanage in Africa. Little did I know that the proceeds from the book would help build an orphanage for 8 children and their caretaker. Given my years-long dream of one day adopting a child or children, I never in a million years imagined God would use my gift of writing to help orphans all the way in Africa. Today, I learned that 20 books have sold to help build the orphanage. Praise the Lord! Imagine the marvelous, wonderful, creative ways God can use you and the gifts He has given you to help a world in need…

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