Hope for the Struggling


It took me years of following Jesus before I noticed this verse in the Bible, but I am not surprised. The Lord knows just what we need when we need it.

“And call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver thee, and thou shalt glorify me.”
Psalms 50:15

I had just lost my sweet paralyzed ministry dog Mr. Simeon and faced other big struggles simultaneously. I was so overwhelmed. So crushed. So broken. How would I make it? Granted I had already made it through challenges beyond measure for decades, and the Lord had carried me through them all. Surely He would carry me again. He would comfort and console me. He would love and strengthen me. He would give me all I needed to help me keep following Him forward in life and ministry. But still, I felt so utterly desperate.

Friend, the Holy Spirit gave me this verse to cling to. I hold onto the Lord and the Bible with all my heart and strength each and every day of my life as I have had a pretty challenging one and am so very in love with Him and so very desperate for Him as my Lord, Savior, Father, King, master, healer, redeemer, friend, comforter, and on and on. Now the Lord had brought to my heart a verse I could hold onto like a security blanket as He led me through what I faced in my multiple big struggles.

Know what I love about this verse? Its three-fold nature. Its simplicity. Its truth. Its power. Its beauty. God’s promise to us. And the promise we should make to Him.

First, when we’re in trouble, when we’re in a great struggle, when the storm is fierce, when we’re totally overwhelmed, when the challenges are too much for us to bear, when we wonder how we can possibly make it another minute, WE CAN AND SHOULD CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

Second, the Lord promises TO DELIVER US in response to our cry to Him! Now I have long since learned this doesn’t necessarily mean the Lord will take the trial, struggle, challenge, circumstances, etc. away from us. He absolutely can and will do so if it is His desire. But He may allow us to continue in our struggle because He is using it to refine us, purify us, teach us, test us, grow us, strengthen us, to give us experience, to use us ultimately to help, encourage, love, bless, and support others through this strengthening and our experience, etc. Regardless of whether or not He takes away the challenges we face, HE CAN DELIVER US IN THE SENSE THAT WE CAN COME INTO HIS SHELTER AND FIND LOVE, PEACE, HOPE, REST, STRENGTH, COMFORT, JOY, WISDOM, DIRECTION, MERCY, COMPASSION, ETC. IN THE LORD AND IN A FOREVER RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM!

Is this all in this verse? No! Look at the promise we should make to Him! TO GLORIFY THE LORD! Oh, sure, we can cry out to Him and receive His love and help in response and run off and go on with our lives disregarding what the Lord has done. Oh, how we mustn’t do this, dear friend! We should never, ever neglect to give the Lord love, praise, glory, and honor for all that He does in our lives!

Not only can and should we praise and glorify the Lord in our personal thanksgiving to Him and worship of Him for how He delivers us when we call out to Him in our struggles, but we have an awesome opportunity to tell the world about the Lord Jesus Christ by glorifying Him in front of others! By telling them that Jesus Christ is Lord and how He has blessed us and helped us and comforted us, etc. in the best of times – and in the hardest of times!

I am smiling writing this as truth is I had forgotten this little verse very recently as I studied other parts of the Bible and carried on in the season of rest and healing and strengthening the Lord has given me. I needed to revisit this verse and be reminded of its truth and challenge even as I hope perhaps you do.

Call on the Lord. Be delivered by the Lord. Glorify the Lord. Oh, glory be to the Lord, oh yes! AMEN!

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