The Horse that Wouldn’t Go In


“If anyone serves Me, let him follow Me; and where I am, there My servant will be also. If anyone serves Me, him My Father will honor.” John 12:26

I know just about nothing about horses except they’re big and beautiful and powerful and too beautiful to have been created by anyone but the Lord. I was too ignorant, not to mention exhausted from a long week, to understand fully let alone fully focus on what my friend was explaining to me when she told me how hard it was for her and several other people to try to load a couple of horses into a trailer. But I do know this.

I may be un-knowledgeable, but I think I’m smart enough to know a horse needs to go into a trailer in order to get to its next destination if it’s not going to get there on its own four legs. But if a horse refuses at all costs to get into the trailer, and can’t get to the next destination on its own, it simply won’t get there, right? In the case of one of the horses my friend was helping, the horse absolutely refused to budge.

Oh, it might have moved a little one way. And maybe a little another way. But no way was it going the right way. The way the horse’s owner intended to take it. The way that would lead to the destination where the horse would fulfill its purpose in life, would enjoy its life, and be loved, fed, watered, medically provided for, cared for, clothed in a blanket for freezing cold winters, etc. But the horse couldn’t see past its own determination to refuse to go where it needed to go.

How incredibly familiar this may seem to those of us whose owner, the Lord, is leading us to our next destination in life to fulfill our life’s purpose for Him in the next season of our lives. A destination where we will receive His love, care, food, clothing, shelter, provision, protection, etc. But where we are blatantly refusing to go.

The horse may have been afraid to get on the trailer because of something in the past. Or because it was afraid to go somewhere new. Or because it didn’t like the other horse in the trailer. Or because it was afraid of the people trying to help. Or because it was just simply a stubborn horse. Or because life seemed better right there on what perhaps was a beautiful warm summer day in the country. Only God knows.

But what about us? What are our excuses when we refuse to go where the Lord is leading us? Fear because of the past? Fear of the future? Not liking our companions on the journey getting there? Too content where we are to move? Enjoying the weather right where we are? Simply too stubborn? No matter our reasons, we are without excuse.

For those of us who have been given a forever relationship with Christ through repentance and faith in Him and our lives devoted to Him, we belong to our owner. To our master. To our Lord. We belong to Christ. And that trailer He wants us to get in to take us to wherever He desires to lead us next in life? We need to yield ourselves to the Lord and get on with it.

We need to go with Him. We need to follow the leading of the Lord. We need to lay aside all our reasons for refusing to budge and get moving forward. With the Lord. In the Lord. Through the Lord. For the Lord.

Forevermore His, AMEN!

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