How Much God Loves Us


I wonder how many of us can fathom at all how much God really loves us. I got a good taste of His love just days ago as I drove down the highway in South Carolina where I have just moved. For the first time in nearly two years, I saw my husband who abandoned me and has just sent me a summons for divorce. He drove right by me, and his face was turned watching me.

I happened to be on the telephone asking a customer service representative from the electric company what I owed for my first bill. I reacted with such shock to seeing my husband that I told the lady on the telephone what had just happened so she would understand why I could not grasp the numbers she was telling me. I asked her over and over to repeat my bill, but could not comprehend her words. My mind would just not work.

I cannot remember her response, but the following day I called the company again for an entirely different reason. It has been rare, if ever, that I have ever called a big company multiple times and spoken to the same person. Guess what? I got the same lady.

“I spoke to you yesterday,” the lady said. “And when I got off the phone with you, I prayed for you.” It turns out she and her husband have just started a new church in the area.

I realized afterward that God loves me so much that He had me covered in the shelter of His wings when I saw my husband for the first time in so long. He had a seemingly random customer service representative at a seemingly random company on the phone with me so that I would be covered in prayer.

When I hung up the telephone with the lady the day I saw my husband, I immediately called a siter in Christ to ask her and others to pray for me. Little did I know that God, as always, was one gigantic, loving step ahead of me.

He already had everything worked out. He always does. He is God, after all. And He is love. How very much God loves us. Forever.

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