How to Kick the Devil in the Butt

I’m walking through some tough stuff right now, and I decided to handle things totally differently than I might have oh so recently. I am praising God right in the midst of it – out loud, in words, in song, in tongues. And guess who ain’t so happy right now. Satan hates praise, and he hates worship. After all, praising the Lord reminds Satan about his eternal death in hell. Praising the Lord also reminds the devil what he gave up when he was removed from his position as worship leader. How do I feel in the middle of this all? I have a sense of victory, a sense of peace that runs deeper than the emotions that come with the challenges. And above all I know I am praising the Lord of the universe – my best friend, my first love, and the redeemer of all who call upon Him. Oh, praise the Lord! The devil is getting kicked in the butt. Praise the Lord, praise the Lord! 
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