I am a Mother, Bridesmaid, and Midwife

Some may look at my life and pity me. After all, I am 47 years old and never had children. I was abandoned by two husbands and was never asked to be a bridesmaid. And I have never hurried to the hospital to hold a friend’s hand as she gave birth, nor have I walked beside a friend through her pregnancy. I have probably only been to one bridal shower, and I can’t remember if I was ever invited to a baby shower. Maybe years ago. Some would pity me indeed, given how much I have missed. But alas, I have come to see, I am a mother. I am a bridesmaid. And I am a midwife. And I have not lost my mind. I have gained the Lord, and I am blessed beyond measure for this status He has given me even if some in the world might not see what I now know.

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I am a spiritual mother to countless people the Lord has privileged me with mentoring. Though I once wanted to adopt children, I now see all the time I might have spent raising children instead is dedicated utterly to loving and serving the Lord as He uses me to help raise His children as I share the Gospel, minister to those in need, and feed and care for His children He has so graciously placed in my care.

I am also a bridesmaid. A bridesmaid doesn’t just show up at the wedding to stand at the front of the church, does she? She supports the bride long before the wedding takes place, she loves and helps the bride through all the preparations, she listens to her and encourages her, and helps prepare her to be the most beautiful bride for the wedding and marriage. Then, on the wedding day, she is there with the bride and all the others. Those who repent and place their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior become the “church”, or the “called out ones”, or the Body of Christ. Our time on earth as the Body of Christ is a time of preparation as we prepare for when Jesus returns to become His bride. I am a bridesmaid because the Lord has so graciously called me to help prepare His bride by helping to build His Kingdom with new believers, and by helping to strengthen those who already believe in Christ, and even by helping those who have strayed from the Lord to return and become prepared to spend eternity with the Lord. I am a spiritual mother, and a spiritual bridesmaid.

And I am a midwife. I help birth people into the Kingdom of God by preaching the Gospel, by sharing the Good News both verbally and in writing, as often as I have the opportunity and as best I can at the leading of the Lord. Some people are birthed quickly as they are ready to receive Christ as Lord almost as soon as I meet them. Some go through incredibly difficult labors. Sometimes the Lord keeps me in their lives for a good long while. Other times, He moves me along and sends others to assist. I am a spiritual mother, a spiritual bridesmaid, and a spiritual midwife.

And though I am no longer married, and do not have children, nor receive invitations to weddings or run off to the hospital to help friends give birth, I am humbled beyond measure by how the Lord has chosen to use me. For all the love, time, and care I might have dedicated to mothering children, to being a bridesmaid at friends’ weddings, and at walking by the sides of friends through their pregnancies and the raising of their children, I give this love, time, and care to the Lord. And He takes it in His hands, and leads me to use what I offer Him (my heart, my love, my time, and my life) to do what so many other women on this earth throughout time have done. But in my case, it is just not in the way countless others have done. It is, however and humbly I confess, in the way of my Lord

Please do not pity me. It is the greatest honor, and the greatest privilege, and the greatest blessing, outside of loving the Lord, to bow down my heart and my life to Him, and to serve Him with all that I am and with all that I have. For His glory. Yes, for the glory of my Lord! 

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