I Can’t Do This!


“I can do all things through Christ[a]who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13…………..

I was driving down a highway out in the country where there was little to no traffic many years ago when the Holy Spirit spoke to me so loudly and so clearly and so emphatically it was as if the Lord God almighty were sitting in the car with me. I felt as though He had taken the car over, the driving of the car over, and taken me over. I felt almost as though I wasn’t even there. For those few minutes, it was like the rest of the world just disappeared. His message to me in those minutes could not have been more plain and clear. He was calling me to Bible school and to preach. I had a lot to learn back then. First, I didn’t realize He was calling me to Bible school in the sense of entering into a lifelong exceedingly intense and deep study of His Word with His Holy Spirit leading and teaching me. Second, I didn’t know back then that the word “preach” in the Bible Old Testament comes from a Hebrew word which also means to publish and to proclaim. The Lord was calling me into Bible School with Himself because He would ultimately call me as an evangelist and writer preaching, proclaiming, writing, and publishing to share the Gospel message and help people to forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ! My answer was as plain and clear as the Lord’s message was to me.

“I can’t do this!” I essentially proclaimed.

And I had three immediate perfectly good reasons – or so I thought. I’m Jewish. I’m too old. I don’t have a good memory.

All these years later, I’m still Jewish. A Jewish follower of Christ. I’m getting older by the day. And my memory has gone further downhill. And I’m a rock solid, utterly sold out, totally devoted Christ follower dedicated 24-7 to loving and worshiping and serving the Lord exactly as He desires. What began as “I can’t do this!” became, “I will do this!” and “I can do this!” because of the Lord Jesus Christ and for the Lord Jesus Christ!

My friend, it’s dangerous to say, think, and to believe, “I can’t do it!”

The truth is I couldn’t, and can’t, do what I’m called to do in my strength. But through the Lord Jesus Christ, in God’s strength, for God’s glory, I can do EVERYTHING that is IN HIS WILL and that is FOR HIS GLORY.

The same is true for you. So if you clearly know God has called you to something, and you have checked to see it’s in line with the Bible because He never speaks against His own Word, and you have sought biblically based solid Christ-centered counsel from fellow Christ followers if and as the Lord has led you, then THROUGH JESUS CHRIST, IN GOD’S STRENGTH, FOR GOD’S GLORY, you CAN do what God has called you to!

To this very day, I struggle at times with falling back into the wrong thinking and believing concerning something the Lord has given me to do. But the Lord by His Spirit leads me to repentance and reminds me once more of this.
































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