I Dreamed I Worshipped the Lord – Are You?


Just weeks ago the Lord gave me a dream as I slept that I was worshipping Him. I woke up just afterward and had the most vivid recollection of the dream He gave me. I had my hands raised to the heavens, just like in a painting made of me years before I began to follow Jesus. Only this time, in the dream, the heavens were so wide open as I worshipped Him that there was nothing in between me and an infinite number of angels. There was no separation at all between my worship and God’s Kingdom above me.
As I did my usual middle of the night slumber-stumble to the bathroom, three words came to me. The missing piece. Why would these words come? For such a very long time, I had cried out to the Lord the very words, “What am I missing? What am I missing?” The Lord had replied in the dream. Worship. What I believe will come as a surprise to so many believers is what I realized. There was no song, no noise, no sound in my dream. I was not singing songs to the Lord to worship Him. Only in the next day or so did I receive full revelation of the dream.

What the Lord showed me in the dream was that the missing piece in my life was that I was not worshipping Him in the way I lived my life. I searched for the word “worship” in the Bible concordance and assumed it would always refer to song as I had learned to do in church. I never found a reference to singing songs. I looked up the meaning of the original word translated into worship and found that it means to lie prostrate before, to worship and reverence and adore.

And I realized I had followed man instead of God in believing worship is the hour or so we sing songs to God in church. Today, I know better. In the dream, I lifted up my hands to the heavens to worship the Lord. God showed me the missing piece in my life was that He wants me to lift up my life to Him and to live for Him. Just as the Bible says, He wants me to worship Him “in spirit and in truth.” Alas, in everything I do, I am to glorify the Lord. I can worship Him in my writing. I can worship Him in how I share Him with someone. I can worship Him in taking care of a dog in need. I can worship Him in loving someone who is difficult to love. I can worship Him in my very breath. Will you?

Joh 4:23 “But the hour cometh, and now is, when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and in truth: for the Father seeketh such to worship him.”

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