I Have Something to Tell You


“Thine eyes shall see the king in his beauty: they shall behold the land that is very far off.” Isaiah 33:17

   I want to tell the world how beautiful you are, I told the Lord one night. If only the world knew. It’s my heart’s cry. If only the world understood. If the world would take the time. If the world would listen. If the world knew of your beauty, oh Lord. Why doesn’t the world see?  I cry to the Lord sometimes, or I sing to Him. Why doesn’t the world know of your glory? Or see your grace? Why would the world rather spend forever in hell and the lake of fire instead of follow you Jesus? Doesn’t the world see? How can it not understand? Doesn’t the world want to know your love, oh Lord? Doesn’t the world want your mercy?  Oh, how my heart aches for this. Why when I tell the world about you do my words fall on so many deaf ears? If only the world knew of your loveliness! Of what it’s like to have a relationship with you, to be in your arms, in your refuge, your safe keeping, to hear your voice, to learn of you, to feel the peace of knowing you have forgiven us when we repent of our sins and turn to you, to experience hope that nothing in this world can touch! Doesn’t the world want to know what it’s like to have the one relationship in the universe that is based on the perfect love that is yours, oh Lord? Why do people say they love you, or at least say they believe in you, but want to have nothing to do with you, not read your Word, not spend time with you, not make you their priority? Why do they not bow down to you, Jesus, as LORD? Oh, my heart cries! This fuels my passion to proclaim your name, oh Lord!

When one knows a love like I know now, when one has the promise of forever with a love unfathomable, the reassurance of being in God’s presence forever by turning away from the world and turning to Christ with total abandon, when one bathes in such sweet, endearing, endless mercy, when one rests in a relationship to which no relationship on earth can compare, when one knows an ever-growing love, a fellowship, a communion, an intimacy unimaginable, a joy indescribable at being the servant of the Creator of the universe, when one loves like I love now, when one is blessed and privileged to love and serve God almighty, how could one not want to share this with everyone? Jesus didn’t die on the cross merely so those who believe in and follow Him can go to heaven, but so those who faithfully devote themselves to Christ forever can breath by breath bask in the glorious presence of the majestic, magnificent, almighty Lord of Lords and King of Kings now and forever.

   What fools we are to believe the wickedness of this life when we live for ourselves instead of for Christ is worth the fleeting satisfaction, is worth giving up what I know now. Oh, how beautiful is the Lord! Nothing on this earth compares!

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