I need help……….Anyone want to help? So a few weeks ago, I stepped out in the biggest act of faith financially I have ever taken when I purchased 296 military sleeping bags to be shipped from Oklahoma to South Carolina for the Sweet Dreams Project: Helping the Homeless Dream & Sleep. For the past month, I have been humbled and privileged to preach and teach God’s Word, and to hand out sleeping bags, Bibles, toiletries, coats, jackets and more with love and hugs to the homeless and those in dire straits. So what’s faith got to do with it?

When the Lord told me to bid on an online auction for all these sleeping bags, I did not have a specific budget to do so. But I knew the temperatures would soon be dropping, I knew the homeless were in need, and most importantly I knew what God had called me to do. When God said GO, I rose up and walked – by faith.

Me & my homeless friends,
grateful for their sleeping bags and more….

I wish I could take you out on the streets with me, and into the soup kitchen, to see the hearts and faces, the humility and gratitude, of the people on the streets who are so thankful for the little blessings of a warm sleeping bag, a zip-lock bag of toiletries, and best of all God’s Word – the Bible.

I need help………Please consider a donation to Walk by Faith Ministry’s SWEET DREAMS PROJECT. A $15 donation covers one sleeping bag, and donations of sleeping bags, blankets, comforters, Bibles, toiletries, jackets, coats, gloves, scarves, hats, and more can be sent to:

Walk by Faith Ministry
3715 Argent Blvd – M2
Ridgeland, SC 29936

Thank you & God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please visit Walk by Faith Ministry at https://www.walkbyfaithministry.com.

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