If You Are Doing Wrong


I stayed in a hotel in which a bunch of rooms were in substandard condition. Red stains possibly blood on carpet in one room. I was told it was not blood. Broken heat in a room. One filthy toilet. Hair and lipstick like stuff in one sink in a room. Then there was the big amount of mildew under a piece of temporary flooring next to a handicapped shower where the water from the shower came all over and under the flooring. I suggested the staff get rid of the flooring with the mildew. Though I was not going to stay in the room and decided to check out, I was shocked that the manager wanted the flooring with the mildew to be left on the floor. I had the sense more guests would be given the room to stay in. As though they would not know about the mildew and all would be well. Reminds me of what we do with sin sometimes.

I told the hotel staff about the mildew, and the manager wanted it covered back up. As though the problem did not exist. Of course mildew only grows worse and is in fact a major problem. Sometimes God sends people to us to lovingly confront us about our sin. Sometimes God confronts us directly by His Holy Spirit speaking to our hearts to lead us to repentance. Sometimes He uses Bible verses to lead us to repentance. We know deep within we are doing wrong and need to turn back to Him. But instead of humbling ourselves and repenting and making any and all necessary changes, we choose to just cover it back up and get on with our lives as though the sin does not exist.

However He chooses to chasten us, and to lead us to repentance, we have a choice. Humble ourselves and return to the Lord and His ways. Or stay in our sin and face the awful consequences. The worst of all being that we grieve God almighty.

Let us not grieve the Lord. Let us not go against Him. When He makes clear we are sinning, let us repent! Let us leave the wrong behind and do what is right in His eyes, AMEN!

“If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9 NKJV

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