I’m So Upset!


“in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.”

“Do you want to be upset or do you want to be thankful?”

I was starting for the zillionth time down the pathway of thinking about something that would undoubtedly upset me just like every time before. Some people who were supposed to help me with something they were paid to do not only weren’t helping me. They were being disrespectful, unkind, not compassionate, and at times downright mean and rude.

Now the Lord was reminding me I had a choice. And I am reminding you of the same. We can obsess with what and whom is upsetting us and throw a pity party, get angry, become vengeful, be bitter, etc., or we can love and forgive and focus on Jesus and the Bible and all of His endless blessings. And BE THANKFUL!

Anything you’ve been obsessing about that is doing nothing more than making you upset? Love. Forgive. Turn to Jesus. Turn to the Bible. And to your blessings. And BE THANKFUL!

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