I’m Under Attack DUH

I’m under attack. I’m under attack. I’m under attack. Yes, I know I’m repeating myself. I might as well repeat myself in writing. I certainly have repeated myself verbally – for years. I’m under attack. I’m under attack. I know. You get the point. So do my friends who have prayed for me for so very long. They have prayed for me for years as I have sustained – rarely gracefully, mind you – attacks from Satan. They have also reminded me – lovingly – that I need to focus on the Lord rather than Satan, the defeated foe. Yet only this morning did I really get it. I truly had a DUH moment. Of course I’m under attack. I’m in a war. That’s what happens in wars. Why wouldn’t Satan attack? People don’t go to war to enjoy the peace. They go to fight the battle. Satan is angry, and he is on the attack. He attacks God’s children. He especially attacks God’s children who are sold out to loving and serving God. We, after all, are the greatest threat to Satan. So why should I be surprised, like an innocent victim who can’t fathom that Satan would attack once again? I shouldn’t be surprised. I should be excited. Why? I have yet another opportunity to demonstrate the victory I have through faith in Jesus Christ. And, as my friends have reminded me, I should not focus on Satan’s darkness. I should stay in the light where I belong – with Jesus. 
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