Is God Warning You?


Is God Warning You?

“…Go, set a watchman, let him declare what he seeth.” Isaiah 6:21

Is God warning you? Has He been warning you? Is there something you are doing you know He wants you to stop doing? Or something you are refusing to do though you know in your heart He wants you to do it? Has God sent you a messenger with a warning about something, or someone, He wants you to let go, but you have shoved the message aside – and maybe pushed away the messenger also? Are you holding your hands over your ears pretending not to hear Him though you know His Spirit has been speaking strongly to your heart? Are you holding your fingers over your ears, peeking out only every so often, refusing to see what you know deep inside His Spirit is showing you? Do you have your arms folded tight across your chest “protecting” yourself from allowing the Lord to rule and reign in your life?

In Bible times, watchmen were set to look out for impending trouble and cry out warnings to the people so they could take caution and be prepared concerning any threats to come. Though on the surface one might assume that without today’s incredible technology this is how the people simply needed to prepare and defend themselves against enemies, battles, wars, and such, the most important watchmen of all were the men called by God to keep their eyes on and ears open to the Lord to warn the people when they were in rebellion against God of His impending wrath against them for their wickedness and to call them to repent and turn back to Him before they incurred His wrath and the impending unfathomable consequences of continued rebellion. These watchmen, the prophets, had the formidable task of delivering messages to the people who were sometimes so vehemently opposed to hearing the warnings and to repentance that they turned against the prophets with unspeakable hatred and vengeance sometimes resulting in the very death of these God-ordained messengers.

There was one common message spoken by every genuine prophet including  Christ. Repent and turn to God – or destruction, death, and forever in hell and the lake of fire instead of a forever, awesomely intimate relationship with God almighty in heaven.

God doesn’t send messengers and warnings because He hates us, but because He loves us so much He wants us to repent and turn to Him and be in His fellowship forever rather than face the brutal, fiery consequences of where we are headed.

Where are you headed? Are you heeding His warning? Are you?

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