Holy Spirit Speaking to You?


“My sheep hear My voice, and I know them, and they follow Me.” John 10:27

Early one morning, the Holy Spirit said this to me:

Humble yourself. Often. Let there be no pride in you. Purify yourself. Often. Be the vessel I want you to be. Commune. Be in my presence at all times. Be filled with me. Everything I want you to do today I will give you the strength for. Be vigilant in loving me and loving others. 

This is not unusual for me to hear from God like this. I hear from Him every day of my life often throughout the day and night and have for quite some time. Do you know God wants to speak to His children? Do you know God does speak to His children?

The question is not whether God speaks. The question is are we listening?

God speaks to us above all else through the Bible. We need to read the Bible to hear Him.

He also speaks to our hearts by His Spirit who lives inside His followers. His Spirit ALWAYS and ONLY speaks in line with the Bible. We need to read the Bible so we can recognize His Spirit speaking to our hearts.

God also speaks to us through other Christ followers. We need to read the Bible so we can tell whether what people tell us is from God or not.

No matter what we hear, we can rest assured it’s God speaking only when we know what we hear is biblical.

I knew in the words I shared with you above the Holy Spirit was speaking to me because the message I heard lines up with the Bible. He was speaking to my heart that day what I needed to hear from Him.

There is nothing special about me because I hear the Lord speak to me so much of the time. I hear Him often  because I continually seek Him, cry out to Him, pray to Him, read His Word, purify myself for Him, strive to obey Him, yearn for Him and to hear from Him, praise and adore Him, spend time with Him and worship Him, and TAKE THE TIME TO LISTEN as He grows me in His image and leads me forth in life and ministry.

Are you taking the time daily to hear from God? Open your heart. Open the Bible. Cry out to the Lord Jesus Christ. Listen to the Holy Spirit speak to you through His Word and directly to your heart and through Christ followers in line with His Word.

Jesus’ sheep hear Him. Hear Him, friend. Take the time to do so. Take the time to listen.

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