Is This Word for You?


Is This Word for You?

 “Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatsoever ye do, do all to the glory of God.” 1 Corinthians 10:31 underlining added

Some of you need to turn off the TV and start spending serious time with God. If you think I’m being emphatic, I am. Not for any other reason than I believe God by His Spirit has given me this topic to write about as a message to those who need to hear it. If the truth be told, and the truth isn’t always so easy to hear, nor to tell, some of you have a stronger relationship with, and greater faithfulness and devotedness to, your TV than God. And some of you who have a strong relationship with God are being distracted and drawn away from Him and are neglecting Him because of the time you’re spending with your TV instead of Him. Some of you are treating your TV like an illicit lover. Some of you are in an adulterous affair with your TV. Some of you are choosing TV over God, and at the very least as a distraction from Him.

Years ago, I did one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard a human do. I climbed a ladder onto the roof of my RENTAL home and took scissors and a knife in a wild, desperate, out-of-control temper tantrum and sliced in two the TV cable cord to the house. The house was NOT mine. Neither was the cable! I insanely believed my now ex-husband who had abandoned me again would return to me and without cable TV would stop looking at the beautiful women and quit the sexual sin that was killing our marriage. When I used to go in his TV room, I’d ask him to turn off the TV for a few minutes so I could talk to him and he would hear me. He not only refused to turn it off. He would hold the remote up in the air above me, point it at the TV, and channel-surf making sure I saw his eyes glued to the TV instead of me to make his point. He returned that time, but ultimately chose sexual sin, prescription drug abuse,  ungodliness, and divorce. The neglect and abandonment broke my heart.

Are you breaking the heart of God with your TV? Some of you are neglecting God with your TV. Some of you have altogether abandoned Him with it. Some of you are holding the remote in the air up above God, pointing it at the TV, and channel surfing with your eyes and ears AND HEARTS glued to the TV instead of God regardless of whether what you’re watching is trash or wholesome. Some of you love your TV more than God. Some of you are more consumed by what’s on it than you are captivated by God, His Word, and ways – regardless of how much you’re justifying what you’re watching.

   Turn off the TV. Go before the Lord. Pour out your heart, your repentance, your praise, your worship, your prayers. Seek Him. Spend time with Him. Study His Word. Hear His voice. Obey Him. Follow Him. Stop denying God for your TV. Deny your TV for God. If God is speaking to you, please obey.  

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