Jesus Hunger


A friend told me she was so hungry for more of Jesus. I was a bit concerned about the way she spoke. Certainly I know what it is like to crave more and more of the presence of God, to be closer and closer to Him and Him to me, to have more and more of His Spirit taking residence within, to experience more and more intimacy with Him. My concern wasn’t about her desire. It was about her motive. But in another conversation down the road, she allayed my concern when she elaborated on her longing.

What had been my concern? That sometimes we want more and more experiencing the Lord solely for ourselves. We have Jesus hunger because we want the blessedness of more and more of Jesus without giving regard to anyone else. We can be selfish in our desire. Nothing whatsoever wrong with wanting to experience deeper and deeper intimacy with Christ, but in the grand scheme of things there needs to be something else as well in our hearts. In our motives. In our yearning. And it is this.

My friend told me when we spoke again of the matter that she wanted to pour out Jesus on the world around her! She didn’t want Jesus and more intimacy with Him all for herself. She was so in love with the Lord and so wanted more of Him certainly to herself be blessed, but also very much so because she wanted to share the love and blessedness of Christ with others!

Do the same, friend! Believe in the Lord with all your heart. Follow the Lord with all your heart. Hunger and thirst for more of the Lord. Desire to be closer and closer to Him and Him to you. Spend time with Him daily, alone, reading the Bible, crying out to Him, singing to Him, praising Him, yearning for more of Him, hearing and obeying Him, longing, longing, longing for more of Christ in you and Christ through you!

The Spirit of Christ dwells in His followers. And we have can have more and more of Him. Of His Spirit. Of His Word. When we bring our hunger to Him in prayer and in seeking and in studying the Bible and filling ourselves with His Word. We can ask for a fresh filling of His Spirit. A refreshing. A being filled – poured into – by His Spirit.

Be so filled with His Holy Spirit and so fill yourself with His Word that and be so totally devoted to Him and be so committed to spending time alone with the Lord that you overflow with Jesus as my friend reminded me we can do. Yes, He can pour into us and right through and out of us!

May the people around you, the people you know and those you don’t know, experience the pouring of the Spirit of Christ and the Word of Christ through you! May others experience His love through you. May they hear you praise and adore Him. May they hear you share the Gospel message with them. May they see you live in a godly manner pleasing and honoring to sweet Jesus. May they be blessed by your sharing His provision and blessedness with them.

May they see Him through your attitude, your words, your song, your joy, your mercy, your kindness, your sweetness, your generosity, your sacrifice, your exceeding passion for Him, your serving Him, your crying out to Him, your countenance, yes, your facial expressions, how you react to what happens in the world differently than people who don’t believe in Him act, and on and on.

Oh, Lord, pour your Spirit into those of us who follow you! May we have more and more of you, oh Lord! Teach us your ways! Show us your will! Help us to do your will! Speak to our hearts! Give us boldness and courage by the gift of your Holy Spirit to tell the world about you! Help us to speak and act in ways that show the world your love and glory! Oh, Lord, bless us! Bless us because you love us! Bless us with a deeper, sweeter, more tender and loving relationship with you. But don’t stop there. Don’t just bless us. Use us to bless others.

Use us to teach others of you, to draw others to you. Oh, God, ignite in us a hunger and passion and fervor for you beyond imagination! Oh, Lord, I starve for more of you just writing this. Answer my cry, oh Lord! For each one who reads this message! And Lord, send this message to more people than I can fathom. And even for those who never see it, may they be reached by you through those who read this. Oh, Lord, thank you, hallelujah, glory be to your name, oh, thank you God, AMEN!

“My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When shall I come and appear before God?” Psalm 42:2

“O God, You are my God; Early will I seek You; My soul thirsts for You; My flesh longs for You In a dry and thirsty land Where there is no water.”

“And Jesus said to them, “I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me shall never hunger, and he who believes in Me shall never thirst.” John 6:35

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