Jesus Lied

Jesus lied. Didn’t He? He loved, so He must have lied. Right? Doesn’t love lie? Doesn’t love make people feel good? Jesus lied to show people love, right? As I regard the world around me, I see people increasingly lying to love. Huh?

No, Jesus didn’t lie. Ever. Of course He didn’t. But He loved. Yet everywhere I turn, I see people disregarding the truth because sometimes truth is hard. Sometimes truth calls us to do tough stuff. Sometimes truth convicts us of where we fall short. Sometimes truth demands more of us than we want to give, to let go, to surrender, to whatever. Jesus spoke the truth – in love. But He didn’t hold back the truth in order to love. He told the truth because He does love. So why are people everywhere patting others on the back with the sweet, sugar-coated words: “It’s okay, honey. Everything will be alright.” But will it be okay? Will everything be alright when we toss the Bible out the window and pat the world on the back to make people love us, to make people feel good, and to generate more love? More love? Lying isn’t loving. Love tells the truth. Surely we should be loving. How about loving and telling the truth? Before it’s too late. In love. Just like Jesus. Jesus is the Truth. 

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