Just How Uncomfortable Are You?

Just how uncomfortable are you? A little? A smidgen? A bunch? A whole lot? If you think I’m going to tell you what the world will tell you, I am not. If you are very uncomfortable, I will not tell you to get out of your uncomfortable zone to satisfy your flesh. Instead, I will recommend you seek the Lord’s face and find out if you are exactly where you’re supposed to be.

Because if you have made a decision to follow Jesus Christ and are actually following through on your commitment, you just may find yourself a whole lot more uncomfortable than you had imagined. The truth is, following Jesus is not about finding comfort. It is all about going to extreme lengths in following Jesus.

A woman I know once told me that she knows something is God’s will when she feels a peace about it. I don’t know about you, but I can tell you this is not what I have experienced at all. My flesh does not always feel comfortable, let alone peaceful, about the things the Lord calls me to do. Nor do I always feel happy about the places He calls me to go. Nor do I always jump and down for joy over the people with whom He desires I cross paths.

Nevertheless, no matter what, I can take comfort in Christ. I can find peace in Christ. I can find happiness in Christ. And I can jump and down for joy in Christ. For He is my comfort. He is my peace. He is my happiness. He is my joy.

Loving and serving the Lord is not about finding comfort, peace, happiness, and joy in worldly terms. The true joy I experience in following Him is in Him Himself.

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