Keep It in God’s Hands


After  a brother in the Lord encouraged me to keep something we had been discussing in God’s hands, the Lord brought this message to my heart about trusting God.

Before we are able to keep something in God’s hands, in other words to keep trusting Him with whatever it is, we need to first place it in His hands! We need to first put our trust in God regarding the matter!

Simply put, we need to put our trust in God regarding something before we keep trusting God with something.

Trusting God with our hearts and lives, with our issues, with our challenges, our struggles, trials, and tribulations, with our questions, needs, and desires, with our circumstances and relationships, with anything and everything is NOT about making a one-time decision to put our trust in God.

We need to begin trusting God, and we need to keep trusting God. And if we find we have stopped trusting God regarding something, we need to put our trust back in God. And then keep our trust in Him.

We need to trust God moment by moment, breath by breath, step by step. We need to continually trust God. We need to trust God day by day.

Though we should trust God with our hearts, lives, and absolutely everything all the time, truth is due to our sins such as pride, worry, lust, doubt, fear, unbelief, control, impatience, etc. which we need to purge from our hearts and lives, we tend to not put our trust in God concerning some things and with other things to put our trust in Him but then take back our trust.

Our very lifestyle should be marked by trusting, trusting, trusting in the Lord. At all times! With all things! Ever remembering to put and keep our trust in the LORD! Amen!

“Trust in Him at all times, you people;…” Psalms 62:8 NKJV

“Trust in the LORD, and do good; Dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.” Psalms 37:3 NKJV

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