Your Kingdom Purpose


Your Kingdom Purpose

 “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal. If any man serve me, let him follow me; and where I am, there shall also my servant be: if any man serve me, him will my Father honour.” John 12:25-26

Years ago, I found myself handing out health food bars at a chain store in the Washington, DC, area for a sizable amount of money for the couple of hours I stood behind my table. I confess I didn’t just talk to store customers about the health benefits of the yummy bars. I talked to them as often as I found an open door about the Lord Jesus Christ. I’m not sure the company would have been too pleased, but I had a good ways to go in terms of honesty. My dishonesty regarding the company, sin though it was requiring repentance, was nothing compared with my dishonesty before the Lord. But His Spirit got a hold of me. See, first, I was handing out food with a New Age affiliation which runs directly contrary to God. Second, I was wasting my work life away, my gifts and calling, doing stuff to make money rather than living to love, serve, worship, and glorify God and to fulfill my Kingdom purpose for Him. I left that job behind and repented of it all, placing my work life and ultimately my entire life in His merciful hands. I should have known as I gushed about Christ at those tables that God had placed me on this earth to be an evangelist, but my head and flesh were too fuzzy with what I WANTED instead of yielding to Christ as LORD and doing what God wants! Now, I am 24-7 HIS as an evangelist and author & special needs dogs mom.

We ALL have a KINGDOM purpose on earth. I meet countless people who have no sense of their purpose. Why? First, because they don’t know we ALL have the same primary purpose to love and serve God with all our hearts, to love others, and to proclaim the Gospel message to the world. Second, we ALL have a unique, individual purpose to which He calls us and for which He has gifted us – FOR HIS GLORY. How do we find our purpose? By repenting of our sins, believing in Christ as Lord, turning from the world’s ways to God and His ways and  learning to follow Christ now and forever. AND by seeking His face, praying, and trusting Him to show us the individual purpose for which He has created us. Our individual purpose is intended for us to bring HIM glory and to use the gifts He has given us to help build His Kingdom of followers of Christ.

Countless people I meet are just like I was. I professed to love God, but lived for myself. At last, I am a SERVANT OF CHRIST. There is no more beautiful, amazing, awesome, and fulfilling purpose on earth than to live and breathe and work to bring glory to the name of the Lord!

   If you have no sense of purpose, or the wrong one, repent and turn to God forever!

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