Lara’s Big News & Prayer Request!


Hi everyone,

Just a reminder God willing I am taking off March 31 from Florida my latest location for ministry headed back for another season of ministry in New York City with a stop on the way in Virginia to see friends and family and pick up a big batch of my newest Gospel tract I am excited to soon announce and start handing out.

Through this transition period, I will be doing a lot of praying and seeking God and spending time in His presence as I love to do ongoingly anyway and also will be not doing my usual almost daily writing of my Good News Daily Devotional.

I am so excited to move forward in ministry for the Lord, thrilled about heading back to New York City, and thankful to the Lord for my season of ministry in Florida during which I spent much time with Him and did lots of writing as well as beach and streets ministry.

Lord wiling, I hope to be back to my usual writing as soon as the Lord leads me to do so.

In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate your PRAYERS and very much appreciate DONATIONS as well as new MONTHLY SPONSORS.

You can DONATE or become a MONTHLY SPONSOR at or feel free to contact me at 843-383-2219 or for more information.

love & blessings,

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