Lara’s Big Prayer Request


Many of you know by now I have been on the road for Jesus for just shy of 3 years and left New York City a few weeks ago due to health problems and the Lord calling me to a season of rest and refreshing and healing so I will be 100% ready to press on in my ministry work for Him. I apologize that I have not been doing my usual Good News Daily writing and videos due to an extreme need to get recharged.

By God’s grace alone, I am getting rest at long last and feeling better than I have felt in about 6 weeks. Thank you for your love and prayers as He continues to prepare me for moving ahead in ministry.

In the meantime, I have a huge prayer request. I have no permanent home base anywhere because I have forsaken all for Jesus and go from place to place around the US for my ministry work with my beloved handicapped streets ministry dogs. I stayed in an apartment in NYC only because I had no other option given hotels prices and the dogs’ needs, but in every other location I stay in motels and hotels where I often do ministry work onsite and in the towns and cities where they are located.

Due to the corona virus, hotels are closing in some places, towns are on lock down and shelter in place in some areas, and people are being advised to go to their homes and stay there.

As I still am working on getting my full health and strength back, I am faced with the possibility I could be given extremely short notice to leave the motel and town where I am. But unlike people who are advised to go back to their home towns, I do not have that option as I simply go where the Lord sends me.

I know realistically I could end up in my car for a time as I seek my next location, but I am responsible for handicapped ministry dogs whose needs would be best served in a motel, hotel, or apartment.

My heart’s cry right now for the world is that people everywhere would turn from their sins and believe in Christ as Lord who died for our sins and was raised from the dead and fully commit their lives to Him now and forever.

My personal heart’s cry is that I would be healthier and stronger than ever so that I am available once again 24-7 to help people find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ through my streets ministry and writing and publishing tracts, devotionals, and books and doing Video Devotionals. And my heart’s cry is that I would have a place to be temporarily with the doggies to continue to rest and heal and return to my ministry work as soon as the Lord calls me to do so.

My need is simple. One ground-floor room with a bed and preferably no carpeting and a private bathroom and mini fridge and microwave with a private entrance. Motels are ideal, but I am open to wherever the Lord leads me. With Wifi access for my ministry work.

I would ask for your prayers for continued healing and for whatever housing the Lord has for me wherever He desires me to be. The dogs have special needs I know how to handle due to years of experience with them. I am fully committed to continue to care for them as the Lord has entrusted them to me and uses them and me continually to introduce me to people to talk to about Jesus and to minister to. They are a great blessing to me and to countless people they meet.

I am also considered “compromised” because one of my recent health issues has been respiratory, so I am keeping my distance from people in person right now and needing to be careful with housing that wherever the Lord sends me I can continue to keep a distance until I am fully restored in health.

The Lord has a plan for me, the doggies, and this ministry, and I wish I could tell you I don’t have fear. I have waves of fear, but the Lord lovingly and mercifully leads me back to my faith in Him.

Love, prayers, and donations are so very appreciated!!!!!!!

love & blessings,


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