If you don’t already know, and some if not many of you already do, the Lord is leading me to pack up my belongings, along with the last of the special needs and senior rescued doggies in my care, and hit the road for New York City where He is sending me to carry on with my work as an evangelist and writer doing streets ministry and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books.

I do not get a salary, live an incredibly simple and economical lifestyle to be available 24-7 to the Lord and ministry, try to stay out of emergency savings because it’s set aside for emergency and for a possible future RV for ministry or whatever the Lord desires for His glory, and sadly exceedingly few people are led to sponsor the ministry and many of the few that do are more interested in donating for the care of the dogs than to help me fulfill my life’s calling to help people to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ.
The Lord through my little ministry provides a little place, right now a low-cost simple hotel room, to stay in, and a telephone and the bare necessities to enable me to do His work. All of this is done as economically as possible whereby the purpose of it is simply to enable me to be His vessel to bring love, praise, honor, and glory to His name and to help a world in dire need of Him to know and follow Him.

My tracts, devotionals, and little Faithful Magazine go into prisons, homeless shelters, onto the streets through my own streets ministry work, and to people around the country requesting them for themselves or to distribute to others. They are all free to maximize their availability and distribution to a world in need of hearing the Gospel message and in receiving love and encouragement in following Jesus.
I have no staff, and my only volunteer is a beautiful friend who despite an incredibly busy personal schedule manages to squeeze in time to fold, staple, and mail the publications to prisons, the homeless, and to others requesting them.

I do not have a normal social life, to maximize my availability to the Lord and those in need, and am willing to forsake all for Christ including the normalcies of a typical American life like entertainment, vacations, etc., so that I truly can be the Lord’s servant 24-7.

Though I am blessed beyond measure by those who offer me their love, encouragement, and prayers, I confess at times I have been saddened at how few people have stepped forward over time to give financially.
I do not speak often of finances and needs regarding the ministry because I do my best to trust the Lord, and simply do my best to obey Him when on occasion as I believe He is doing now He leads me to let my desire be known that lots more people step forward to become regular sponsors/donors to the ministry.
Sponsors can donate any amount they choose monthly, and this can be done via my website, or by check sent to my South Carolina address where the mail is then forwarded to wherever I am out on the road for the Lord, and also via one’s bank usually at no cost as the bank will send a monthly donation check to me for the ministry.

Thank you in advance for your love and consideration, and I hope you might be led to consider becoming a part of the work to which the Lord has called me in this way.

As incredibly thankful as I am for one-time and periodic donations, it is a blessing beyond what you perhaps can imagine when people commit to sowing into the ministry on a monthly basis!’

It amazes me how quickly and easily we can spend money at a restaurant, a coffee shop, a clothing store, on a vacation, etc., and how we can neglect to see that that very money could when sown into the work of the Lord help bring a great harvest at the end of the day for the Lord’s forever Kingdom. The $5 someone spends daily on a cup of Starbucks coffee could be turned into $150 per month sown into the Gospel message being proclaimed to the world, and as in the case of this ministry, devotional writing being sent out literally around the world to help people give their lives to Christ and keep their lives committed utterly to Him.

With love in His name, for His glory,


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