Exactly six weeks to the very day the Lord placed on my heart to write this book, it was written, edited, laid out, published, and released. But how? By God’s grace alone. And for His glory! I am blessed, humbled, and privileged that this is the third book the Lord has placed on my heart to write that has been written and published within six weeks. Talk about miracles, eh?! To God be the glory! 
BOOK DESCRIPTION: So you’ve wanted to know God’s purpose for your life for as long as you can remember. Or maybe you’re already living it. So how do you answer God’s call? Do you take the call? Screen it? Avoid it? Tell Him you’ll take the call later? Run the other way? No matter His purpose for you, no matter the call, no matter the response, don’t miss the greatest lesson of all. Join Lara Love on an altogether serious, albeit delightfully hilarious, adventure as she dives deep into the Bible’s Book of Jonah to discover the trials and triumphs of answering God’s call. As Lara Love challenges and encourages you to apply the revelation gleaned from Jonah’s journey to your own life, get ready to learn THE GREATEST LESSON OF ALL.

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