lara’s latest Update & Prayer Request


Many of you know after over 5 years on the road full-time with my special needs ministry dogs for the Lord and ministry I was led by God to set up a ministry base in Florida just a few months ago. The Lord made clear my new assignment would be the state of Florida. He also made clear my highest priorities would be writing, praying, and prophesying (encouraging, comforting, and warning) along with streets and beach ministry as He leads me. Never in a million years could I have foreseen the unbelievable hurricane that would devastate Florida just recently.

By God’s grace, the storm though expected to cause big trouble in my area had little effect where I had set up my ministry base. I evacuated up to Virginia where I currently am spending some time with some of my beloved unsaved Jewish family as I continue to pray my heart out for their salvation, health, and other needs.

Lord willing, I am headed back to Florida on Monday with a stop on the way in coastal South Carolina to bring my sweet special needs doggies to their vet.

This is a bittersweet time for me. With three of my family members elderly now, and unsaved, it gets harder and harder to say goodbye. But my first love is the Lord Jesus Christ, and I choose to follow Him wherever He leads me. Despite the sorrow in having to say goodbye again, I am excited to return to Florida to move forward in my ministry work.

Paralyzed ministry dog Miss Mercy and Gracie, both hit by vehicles many years ago, are doing extraordinarily well despite their history and their now senior age. They do have some challenges along the way, but God in His mercy continues to provide through me and the ministry and the countless people they meet in my streets and beach ministry work all they need – most especially LOVE!

As for me, I confess I am worn, weary, and dealing with a lot of stress and some health issues which though concerning to me are thus far manageable.

Because others I dearly love are involved, I cannot go into detail but am simply letting you know I am dealing with some very, very emotionally painful and worrisome issues. I feel I could cry forever over this, but instead I dry my tears when they come and cry out to God in prayer and carry on fulfilling my life’s calling.

I also want to let you know increasingly I have been dealing with some significant problems with memory, focus, and concentration. I have a long history with what some would call mental health, but this appears thus far anyway to be related most of all to my exhaustion from a relatively challenging life, my years on the road for ministry, stress, age, and perhaps a physical issue as well.

I would so very greatly appreciate your prayers!

And please, please, please pray for my unsaved Jewish family!

And for all those in need of prayer around the Word God leads you to pray for!

Donations and new monthly sponsors are always extremely welcome and appreciated!

love & blessings,


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