Lara’s “Miracle Book” Takes Off!

When people ask me to sign my brand new book, Slow Dance with Jesus, I politely refuse. How can I possibly take an ounce of credit for what I now refer to as the “miracle book”? I clearly have to – and want to – give ALL glory to God.

Who but God could conceive, create, write, design, print, publish, distribute internationally, and sell out a book in just 7 weeks? 

I have told just about everyone how I was working on another book when I started pressing into the Lord to tell me how I could truly worship Him in writing a book for Him. On February 2, as I exited the bathroom of all creative places (not!), the Lord gave me the title to the book. Over the next few minutes, hours, and days, He gave me a few titles for chapters. Then the devil attacked. I submitted to God and resisted, determined to do the Lord’s will. In a matter of weeks, the book was finished.

As if that were not miraculous enough, this morning I woke to the next miracle. The book sold out when an order came in from Jerusalem, Israel, for 100 books. A friend who felt called to go there for 6 weeks believes with all her heart the Lord will save people through this book and that He intends to do so in Israel among other places. She has contacts at several bookstores and plans to help with distribution there.

I have heard throughout my life of huge success stories that result from “meeting the right person in the right place”, “by word of mouth”, and “by knowing the right people.”

I have met the right person in the right place. I have met the Lord, and I love Him with all my heart and soul. I am passionate about sharing the Gospel by Word of mouth, and I know the right person – Jesus.

I am absolutely convinced as I have been all along not only that God has big plans for this little book, but that every ounce of glory belongs to Him.

In fact, if the truth be told, I barely remember writing the book.

I have just placed an order for a new shipment of books, and am excited to take more orders for “the miracle book” that I am confident God will use to touch, save, and transform lives.

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