Lara’s Newest Book Now Available


So excited and blessed to finally share with you that my newest book is now available for purchase. All profit on the book goes to my Good News Ministry to help me fulfill my ministry mission & life calling.

Why do I write “finally” share with you? I actually published the book months ago but got totally sidetracked with being miraculously protected by God in a violent assault in New York City, leaving the New York City area unexpectedly early, being called by God to no longer be on the road for ministry full-time, being led to set up a ministry base in Florida, setting up the base, evacuating for a hurricane, then going through the recent tropical storm, dealing with some health issues, and trying to keep up with my ministry. Okay, sure, I could have found some time in there to announce my newest book. But I did not.

So here it is. It is called LIVE FOR JESUS, and it is jam packed with devotional messages I shared online that you can now read in book form.

I would be so blessed if you would consider getting a copy and telling others about my Good News Daily Devotional online, my books, and ministry.

To order the book and to see my other books currently in print, please CLICK HERE.

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