Lara’s Update on Writing & More!


Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know praise God I am editing and preparing for publication my newest book (containing messages from my Good News Daily Devotional sent by email) which Lord willing I will announce in the near future.

At the same time, I remain in the New York City area as God lets me know day by day when He wants me out on the city streets praying, praising Him, seeking Him, hearing Him, giving out tracts, sharing the Gospel,  and ministering to people as He leads me.

Additionally, He is blessing me with an abundance of new messages for my Good News Daily Devotional by email as well as some Video Devotionals as He leads.

I have also just dealt with a flare-up of a chronic health issue and am continuing to deal with the intense emotions of some long-term personal issues. Some of this relates to my family who are very private so I do not share details. My family is Jewish and does not yet believe in and follow the Lord so prayer for them extremely appreciated!

Lastly, I am thrilled and ecstatic about what the Holy Spirit has been speaking to my heart concerning upcoming writing projects.

I feel closer to the Lord than I have ever been, more devoted than ever, and more passionate about fulfilling my life calling for Him than ever.

Albeit trying in a number of ways, it is a very exciting and beautiful season of my life following Jesus.

And yes, this coupled with my usual not sleeping well, I am quite exhausted!

Please be patient with me as there may be some days or even weeks I do not send out my usual Good News Daily Devotional as I try to keep up with all the Lord has set before me!

You can see & buy my BOOKS via my website at or on Amazon at CLICK HERE.

I would be exceedingly thankful for DONATIONS and for PRAYER!

DONATIONS can be made at via Paypal, on the GIVE button above on my Good News Daily Devotional, or you can contact me at 843-338-2219.

Love & blessings,



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