lara’s Update & Prayer Request


Praise the Lord, on this very month that by God’s grace alone marks 5 years of being on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry with my special needs ministry dogs, I have safely arrived at my latest location which is the New York City area.

God has given me an enormous heart and passion for New York City and for ministering on its streets perhaps because in it are represented people from all around the world and perhaps also due to all the extremes of people including the rich, poor, homeless, hurting, actors, musicians, Wall Street business people, people worshiping all sorts of gods and those worshiping the one true God the Lord Jesus Christ, people of all genders, the worldly successful, people speaking all sorts of languages, countless deaf, blind, and otherwise disabled, the sick, depressed, dying, mentally challenged, people engaged in all sorts of sexual immorality, the loud, the quiet, the passionate, the suicidal, and the list goes on and on.

This is now my 4th time back in the area to minister on the streets of New York City, and being here is always filled with its challenges as you can imagine. But I feel humbled and privileged beyond measure God would again give me this amazing opportunity.

I am currently in a hotel in New Jersey just outside New York City which gives me the added advantage of doing my usual hotel ministry while having access to some of northern New Jersey with good access into New York City. I am praying and seeking the Lord about whether He wants me to find temporary housing in New York City or whether He wants me to stay where I am to be able to minister in multiple places. I am in His hands and learning day by day to put my trust in Him.

I confess it was quite challenging to leave behind coastal South Carolina where I did much beach as well as some hotel ministry and where my paralyzed ministry dog Miss Mercy THRIVED going up and down the beach by herself in her wheelchair to meet people as God I believe led her whom I could then talk to about Jesus and give tracts to and minister to if and as the Lord led me. Life there was relatively comfortable and easy when compared with my other locations, but my life belongs to Jesus and I am entirely His. Miss Mercy and my other special needs ministry doggy Grace are doing very well despite the fact they were hit by vehicles years ago and are now about 11. I am blessed to spend much time with them as they are near me when I write and publish, and as they do streets, beach, and hotel ministry with me. I thank God for them – my sweet companions on the road for Jesus!

A beautiful joy to share with you. I got to spend much time with my beloved Mom over the past few weeks when I stopped off briefly in Virginia where I did a little bit of ministry work and also prepared for coming to New York City. And I was blessed to spend time with my beautiful Aunt also. Believe it or not, my dear beloved precious Mom and Dad are now in New York City for just a few days. And today Lord willing I will spend just a little bit of time saying hello to my Mom before my parents enjoy the rest of their little trip and I follow the Lord as He leads me forth in life and ministry. My parents do not yet have a relationship with the Lord, and I would ask that you please pray for my whole family not yet saved who are Jewish as I am. As I am a Jewish follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, my heart’s cry for my family and my Jewish people is they would turn to the Lord, the Jewish Messiah, now and forever, AMEN!

How can you help if you are so led? More than anything, please PRAY. Donations are always welcome, of course, and #1 always is please pray, pray, and pray as the Lord so leads you.

love & blessings,


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