lara’s Update & Prayer Request


Hi everyone,

A brief update & prayer request. As some of you know by now, after 5 years on the road full-time for the Lord and ministry with my special needs ministry dogs, the Lord has led me to set up a ministry base for this next season of my ministry work in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. With an increased focus and emphasis on my writing along with continued streets and beach ministry.

It’s a beautiful area, the climate is a perfect fit for me, and it is overall quiet and peaceful in my immediate area yet with lots of possibilities for ministry in the region and beyond elsewhere in Florida for if/as/when the Lord might lead me for day trips.

While I am exceedingly thankful, I am having an enormously challenging time with very strong spiritual warfare courtesy of the devil who is going all out trying to stop me from going on in life and ministry. And I am having a very hard time transitioning from doing ministry on the streets of New York City which was my favorite ministry location and from going from place to place and doing loads of hotel ministry to staying still in one place which is vastly different. I am also contending with some long-time challenges related to my personal story which due to wanting to honor those related to this I will not herein go into.

Suffice it to say I would be extremely thankful for lots and lots of prayers!

Thank you so much!

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