Lara’s Update & Prayer Request


Praise God, I left northeast Florida at the end of Marcy 2023 and headed for Virginia where all glory to God I had some amazing and miraculous time with family and saw a few dear sisters in the Lord.

The Lord miraculously brought me through a very challenging and scary hotel experience but not before He gave me some opportunities there to do some ministry work. He then led me to another quiet hotel for a few days for some peace and restoration before leading me on.

Hallelujah, I am now back in the New York City area and am just a few days away from the 1-year anniversary of being assaulted and miraculously saved by God in the city where I was doing ministry work. I am staying in New Jersey which though in some ways challenging given the commute and my beloved special needs ministry dogs is a blessing for several reasons including that I get to do ministry work in both New Jersey and New York City.

Bless the Lord, I am THRILLED to be back on the streets of New York City handing out my Gospel tracts, praying for people, walking the streets as I praise the Lord and pray, talking to people about Jesus as the Lord leads, and sharing the Gospel if/as/when He leads.

As incredibly challenging as it is for me in so many ways to be in the New York City area, I absolutely LOVE the endless opportunities I have to share Jesus with people from all over the world, from all walks of life, from all backgrounds, with all kinds of stories, from many religions, numerous beliefs, etc.

My sweet special needs ministry dogs paralyzed Miss Mercy and Grace both hit by vehicles many years ago before they came into my life are doing miraculously well considering their backgrounds, their health challenges along the way, their many years on the road with me for ministry, and the fact they are like nearly 12 years old or so. Bless God, they get tons of time with me due to my writing, my sleeping close by them, and our walks during which God often uses them to connect me to people to give Gospel tracts to, pray for, talk to Jesus about, encourage, share the Gospel with, etc. Paralyzed Miss Mercy in her wheelchair LOVES attention from everyone while Gracie usually hides behind me until she decides whether or not she wants to be petted.

I am so excited to share after many years of handing out and mailing out my Finding the Light Gospel tract which included my personal story and the Gospel message that God led me to write a new one. I just shipped thousands of my leftover Finding the Light tracts to a few prisons / jails / correctional institutions around the country. And I am now handing out my brand new THE GREATEST LOVE EVER: Lara Love’s Miraculous Personal Story With a Message of Love & Hope for the World.

Speaking of writing, while I press on in sending out my Good News Daily Devotional by email which includes mostly devotional messages plus sometimes Video Devotionals, in obedience to the Lord I am also continuing on in working on writing and publishing books. While my books have oftentimes comprised the devotional messages I share online, I am also now writing books that do not always include my online writing. I will share more about this Lord willing as God leads me forward in this.

I confess given decades of personal struggles combined with the years of extreme dog rescue work and the years of being on the road for Jesus all coupled with the state of this world right now and what I face as a result in my work for the Lord not to mention I am now 55, I am at times enormously exhausted.

But God in His love, grace, mercy, and kindness gives me all I need to live in obedience to Him. And praise the Lord I am closer to the Lord than I have ever been, ever more in love with Him, and more and more on fire and passionate to fulfill my life’s calling for Him.

I would greatly appreciate DONATIONS and PRAYER as you are led!

Donations can be made on my website at via Paypal, or you can contact me at 843-338-2219 or to discuss alternative ways to give to my Good News Ministry.

Love & blessings,


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