Lara’s Update & Prayer Request

Dear friend, 

Get ready for an incredible update on my life, ministry, and handicapped ministry doggies – and to read once again how astonishingly amazing the Lord God almighty is.

I have been on the road for about 3 years now doing streets ministry, writing & publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books, doing Video Devotionals, and caring for my handicapped ministry doggies with a car with about 250,000 miles on it, no salary, no staff, very little financial support, and very limited ongoing volunteer help at 52 years of age after decades of brokenness beyond human hope and help.

By God’s grace alone, in His love, strength, and mercy, countless people worldwide have heard the Gospel message and been helped in finding and forever following the Lord Jesus Christ through my little heart, life, and ministry. EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY BELONGS TO THE LORD! I will take not an ounce of credit. ALL THE GLORY IS THE LORD’S!

Now for the update. Near the end of 8 months of ministry in New York City following ministry in a number of other locations in the United States, with no significant rest / vacation along the way, I not surprisingly found myself burned out. I also found myself in New York City with some unexpected health issues right as the Corona virus was hitting the city. I did not believe it wise to remain in the city without my full strength, needing to visit doctors & get my health on track, right at a time a city packed with millions of people was beginning to face what has now been termed a pandemic. Per the Bible, the term would be pestilence or plague and is clearly prophesied in the Bible. Terminology aside, I wondered would I be best to stay in New York City with my health as it was or leave, take care of my health, and quickly get back on track with my ministry work at a time this world is in more need than ever of hearing about Jesus and receiving help and encouragement in finding and following Him? I sought the Lord. I sought the Lord. I sought the Lord.

The end result of my seeking is He spoke to my heart that I needed to leave New York City quickly, drive to the Southeast United States, enter into a season of rest and refreshing, and continue in my life and ministry. I had already known for some months that He was leading me to the Southeast region for my ministry work, but I had not foreseen also going to the Southeast to address my health issues and get some very serious rest as I press on. I had also not foreseen going so soon and so quickly.

The Lord blessed me beyond belief with amazing favor in being able to terminate my lease prematurely, tie up all loose ends in New York City, pack up and prepare for a very long journey with my beloved handicapped doggies – all in a matter of a week. He blessed me with a family friend to get my car ready where he had stored it for me in New Jersey, two street preachers to drive a very long ways to pick up my car for me and bring it to New York City, a parking garage that allowed me to load in the garage, a university that lent me a cart, two men on the street to push the very heavy cart quite a distance to the parking garage for a small fee in the amount that had just been donated to my ministry, a building super and the building cleaning man to help me get a few pieces of furniture donated to me out of the apartment, loads of prayer, friends and family on the phone to help and encourage me, and more. Please remember all of this quick relocation happened while I was not feeling well. The Lord gave me the strength to do everything necessary despite how I physically felt. I am ever amazed at His love and goodness.

Next came what would be a two-day, 13.5 hour drive with the car packed with my 4 ministry doggies, their wheelchairs on the back, most of my possessions on this earth, the ministry equipment printer for the tracts and devotionals included, electronic stapler, and the veterinary supplies and some food for us all. I could barely fit in my driver’s seat, but the Lord blessed me with even that.

At about 8.5 hours of driving, the Lord compelled me to drive further. He then led me to a hotel where I had made a reservation about 1.5 years ago though I had cancelled my reservation and not stayed there. Little did I know for the past 1.5 years, a hotel staff member with whom I had spoken about the Lord on the phone back then had been reading my writing and watching my Video Devotionals. So when I walked in the door weary from the big relocation and an incredibly long drive, she recognized me, gave me a wonderful greeting, and blessed me with an awesome room perfect for the dogs and myself. And I got to pray for my new friend who had given me such a loving welcome.

Not long afterword, I stood in the room feeling I needed to eat protein but too tired to get in the car to go find what I thought would be best. The Lord knew my desire. The hotel room phone rang. It was my friend at the front desk asking if I would like to eat her homemade chicken stir fry dinner. What a blessing. I said YES! I walked to the hotel lobby to get the dinner and met a woman checking in who needed prayer. Who am I to think my season of rest won’t involve continuing to tell the world about Jesus and to help people to find and follow Him?

Off I went yesterday morning for the final leg of this long driving journey. I arrived in South Carolina at the hotel I had reserved to discover the room wasn’t available. The room I was given was concerning because of its location. I got in the car and drove away until a friend prayed with me on the phone and the Lord turned me around and returned me to the hotel. He told me to trust Him. Little did I know what He had in store.

I went to the room I didn’t want, found it wasn’t clean, and told the front desk clerk I would clean it myself. The Lord had given me mercy. I wasn’t angry, and I got on my hands and knees and cleaned the entire room after my big trip from New York City. Then what? I found out the toilet was broken! I went to the front desk. Exhausted. The clerk told me I had two other rooms from which I could choose. I chose the room in a location that felt just right. Only to find the room had several issues. I found only by God’s grace that I had a thankful heart. A trusting heart. A heart changed over time by Jesus. I am in that room right now even as I write waiting to go to my long-time doctor today to get my health on track and later today to take the doggies to their long-time vet to get checked as they have not seen their beloved vet in a very long time.

And, in the midst of this all, I am humbled beyond measure to share with you that in the past two days of travel, I have been handing out Gospel tracts, praying for people, proclaiming the name of Christ to people, talking to them about Jesus, and asked by the police to help a homeless woman. I hadn’t even unloaded the car, but gave her a hug, a Gospel tract, and told her she could call me for help. And, last night, walking one of the doggies around the hotel parking lot, a young man called out and asked if he could pet my dog. I walked over to him, and next thing I knew I was sharing the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with him, learned he has a serious struggle in his life and is in desperate need of Jesus, and giving him my Finding the Light Gospel tract, sharing with him a bit of my own miraculous story, and off I went back to my room.

Little did I know in my decades of brokenness that the Lord would take a woman as hopeless and purposeless as I once was and birth through me an international ministry and send me out on the road for Him with handicapped ministry doggies and a heart overflowing with love for Him and humanity and a desire beyond description to tell the world that Jesus Christ is Lord, that He died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead, and that we need to turn from a lifestyle of sin, believe in Him as Lord and in His death and resurrection, and genuinely commit our hearts and lives to God and His ways. And that, in so doing, we are forgiven, spiritually reborn and given a fresh start, promised a forever relationship with the Lord, that we won’t end up in hell and the lake of fire forever apart from God which is where we are all otherwise headed because of our sins, and that Jesus Christ and faith in Him and our lives truly devoted to Him – this is the only way to everlasting life with the Lord!

I can’t describe in words how I feel right now. From my physical health issues to having to leave New York City so rapidly where I had a phenomenal albeit very emotional and challenging time serving the Lord on the streets to an extremely long drive to the world experiencing a pandemic to not knowing where I will stay day by day because I don’t have a permanent base anywhere to not having a husband and family with me to being burned out to caring for handicapped doggies that require an extraordinary amount of love, care, time and energy to having so little financial and physical support to not having my usual health and strength back yet to having in months past lost a friend to cancer, my ex husband to a disease and opioid addiction to another friend being diagnosed with a medical disease to learning an old friend killed herself to having another dear friend going through cancer treatment to having a long history of daily trials and struggles, well, can you imagine how I feel?

I feel challenged beyond measure, but friend, I have a love, peace, hope, joy, purpose, and passion beyond imagination. I am more on fire for the Lord and ministry than I have ever been, and I am unfathomably excited to press on in telling this world about Jesus.

On my long, long driving journey, I started thinking about the words “bucket list”. I have never had one nor ever plan to have one, but I was bored driving and thinking of all sorts of things. So I considered if I had a bucket list, a list of things I wanted to do before my life on this earth comes to an end, what would that list look like?

I knew immediately there would be only one thing on my bucket list. And I am already doing it.

To tell this world about the Lord Jesus Christ.

I hope with all my heart you will visit my ministry online if you are led, read my writing and watch my Video Devotionals if you are led, sign up for my Good News Daily if you are led, donate to the ministry if you are led which is very much needed, but most importantly of all, that you will give your heart and life completely and forever to the Lord Jesus Christ. You are welcome to reach out to me for help and encouragement in beginning and/or continuing a relationship with the Lord. My contact info is available on my website at

If you are led to pray for me and Good News Ministry and my sweet handicapped ministry doggies and the people worldwide the Lord is reaching through this ministry, I would be thankful beyond measure.

love & blessings,


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