Please note this is a big longer than usual as this is a VERY BIG UPDATE & I poured out my heart in sharing it with you! Thank you for reading this & for praying & helping as you are led!


I am a 100% Jewish totally devoted follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who once believed God did not exist with a background of decades of brokenness beyond human hope and repair whose life calling is to help people become and remain totally devoted followers of the Lord.


How blessed, privileged, honored, and humbled I am that the Lord saw fit in April 2017 to send me out on the road full-time with my remaining special needs and senior rescued dogs after about 20 years of dog rescue work to write books and devotionals online; to do streets, hotel, and beach ministry; and to minister to people from around the world in person, by phone, and email.

I praise the Lord for calling and enabling me for those years to do very intense, challenging, hard, wonderful, and richly rewarding ministry work as I went up and down the east coast of the United States from location to location. My work included ministering to the homeless, poor, abused, depressed, disabled, sick, dying, suicidal, criminals, veterans, ex-prisoners, the rejected, the lonely, people with post traumatic stress disorder, broken people, the rich, poor, the worldly successful, the neglected, people overdosing, alcoholics, addicts, people with eating disorders, the educated, the uneducated, the mentally ill, people hating me, screaming at me, cursing at me, threatening me, the sexually immoral, the hurting, the anxious, the lost, those worshiping false gods, the confused, the blind, deaf, people who can’t speak English, people threatening harm to themselves and to others, business people, students, artists, widows, the demon-possessed, staff of the hotels where I stayed, those so out of control I had to involve police time and again, trying to help someone who ended up violently assaulting me in New York City, and on and on.

I stayed mostly in budget hotels where I did loads of ministry work on property, and twice I stayed short-term in a one room rental apartment in New York City because the hotels would have been too expensive and not accepted all my ministry dogs. Twice He sent me to a New Jersey hotel where I ministered on property while going in and out of New York City to do streets ministry there.


It would be impossible in words to describe all I witnessed, faced, experienced, endured, etc. in these years let alone how much God taught me, tested me, and transformed me. I wrote and published numerous books, met and ministered to countless people, wrote a ton online with readers from around the world, and the numbers of people God reached worldwide through my heart and ministry I could never count.


But let me be clear. THE LORD gets EVERY SINGLE OUNCE OF GLORY for ALL He did through me in these years! I can take no credit. I simply am learning day by day to humble myself before God almighty and obey Him as He by His Holy Spirit leads me forth!


So now for the big news! After God saving me in a violent physical assault in New York City, He led me down the east coast to see family in Virginia, to do hotel ministry in South Carolina, and on to Florida.

He has called me out of ongoing hotel ministry, made clear He no longer wants me covering America at large unless He leads me somewhere for a special assignment, and has given me as my new assignment the state of Florida. Specifically, He has called me to set up a base in Florida whereby I can be ultra focused on my writing, praying, and prophesying (encouraging, comforting, and warning people concerning believing in and following Him as the Holy Spirit leads) and continuing on in streets and beach ministry.

Rather than go long distances from place to place, He has made clear I can do day trips to different locations in Florida from my base if/as/when He leads.

As much as I absolutely LOVED being on the road in a much larger capacity in the United States, the exhaustion, stress, safety issues, and constantly praying and researching new locations and where to stay made it very challenging to keep up with my writing and other aspects of ministry and took a big toll on my health most especially mentally.


While I believe the Lord may possibly lead me to one other Florida location to set up a base in the future in an area I believe He has placed on my heart, and I will pray greatly toward that end should I sense His leading in the future regarding this, He has made ultra clear where He wants my base for this next season of my life and ministry. Believe it or not, it is somewhere I absolutely did NOT want to come and absolutely did NOT want to stay once I got to the area! That is, before I fell in love with the area and realized the amazing possibilities and opportunities I sense the Lord has for me here.


Effective August 1, 2022, I now am based in Jacksonville Beach, Florida right by the beach where I can write, pray, prophesy, do streets and beach ministry, minister to people by telephone and email, and get loads of fresh air, sunshine, and be free from the stress of being continually up and down the east coast.

I am so very thankful to the Lord for His will and provision for me as I get started in this next chapter of my life and ministry.


Over and again, I wondered, now that I have a ministry base in Florida where I will stay and love and worship and praise the Lord and pray and seek Him and do my ministry work, am I no longer on the road for Jesus? I sought the Lord! I believe He placed up on my heart that I will always be on the road for Jesus on this earth. My forever home is heaven with the Lord.

My time here is temporary. It is a journey with the Lord. I am on the road with and for Him. And given my life calling as an evangelist and writer with what He has commissioned me to do, whether I am walking down the beach praying and handing out Gospel tracts, driving down the road to another town in Florida and praying for people there, driving a mile away and sharing the Gospel in the grocery store, visiting a church in Jacksonville and ministering to someone there, visiting family in Virginia and talking to people at my hotel about Jesus, etc., I will essentially be “on the road” for and with the Lord.

So no longer will I be on the road as I was over the past 5 years, but I will go forth down the “pathway of righteousness (Psalms 23)” He sets before me. Physically and spiritually following Jesus upon the road He leads me down.


That said, please pray for me! This is an ENORMOUS change, not going from place to place will be tough in that as an evangelist I loved the endless opportunities, I have an exceeding heart for New York City, my family is about 15 hours away from me, I know nobody in the region where I now am other than those I am just meeting, I am meeting very few strong believers in the Lord thus far, and the Lord led me to a rental which is a perfect fit and location for me, the ministry, and the ministry dogs, with room for wonderful growth but which is a very big challenge financially particularly given what you will read below regarding help from others.


Before I close with this big update, I would like to share with you that in recent years I have had very few people supporting my ministry and even fewer people reaching out to see how they might help me personally. God has supplied all I need, and an anonymous source has graciously helped after seeing the very little support coming in. I also just recently lost my second biggest monthly sponsor. And the few times I reach out asking if anyone wants to donate or become a sponsor, usually nobody responds at all or perhaps one or two usually at most donate but do not want to sponsor. I have spent my time in ministry living extremely economically and going into personal emergency savings.

I would be enormously thankful if you would please consider becoming a monthly sponsor of my ministry OR if you might be led to send a personal gift one time or on an ongoing basis to help me as I go forth in fulfilling my life’s calling for the Lord. If you would like to do so, please call me at 843-338-2219 or email at for more information. Please note receipts are available for donations to the ministry. Personal gifts cannot be written off on taxes but are extremely appreciated!


If you need help beginning or continuing forward in a forever relationship with the Lord, please feel free to reach out at 843-338-2219 or

Love & blessings,


“and He died for all, that those who live should live no longer for themselves, but for Him who died for them and rose again.” 2 Corinthians 5:15 NKJV

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