The Key to Intimacy with Christ………….

“From that time Jesus began to preach and to say, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”” Mt. 4:17

The key to an intimate relationship between two humans is love, isn’t it? There are other ingredients, of course, but love is fundamental. Love is fundamental to intimacy with the Lord, too, but there is a key without which it is impossible to develop a beautiful, wonderful, ever-growing relationship with God. That key is repentance.

We as humans are all sinners who are separated from God by our sins and thus can’t be in His forever glorious presence because of our sins and His holiness. We are hell-bound forever apart from God in everlasting torment and anguish and indescribable pain because of our sins.

But God LOVES (ingredient #1) us SO MUCH He sent His only Son Jesus to the cross to take upon Himself our sin punishment so all who REPENT (turn from our sins with true sorrow) and believe in Christ as Lord are forgiven and given what? A forever relationship with God!

This key of REPENTANCE involves truly turning our lives over to God and His ways, forsaking all to live for Jesus instead of any longer for ourselves.

We MUST REPENT to enter into God’s Kingdom and thereby to be in His forever indescribably awesome fellowship.

We can’t have a relationship with God without REPENTANCE and turning to Christ as Lord.

Once we REPENT and begin a relationship with Him we can’t have except through faith in Christ and a life devoted to Him, we can grow in intimate relationship with Him over time as we read the Bible and are changed by Him as we truly learn to live for Him day by day – and forever!

God’s very Spirit – the Holy Spirit – comes to live inside those who commit their lives to Jesus as Lord. What greater intimacy can there possibly be in the universe than to have a personal relationship with Jesus as His very Spirit lives in and through us now and forever!

LOVE and REPENTANCE – fundamental to intimacy with Christ as Lord forever, AMEN!

Look at the verse above to see what the Lord Jesus Christ Himself preached. REPENTANCE!

Turn, friend, turn from your sins and believe in Christ as Lord, truly committing your life once and for all to God and His ways. To Jesus Christ as LORD and SAVIOR of your life! Live from this moment on for the Lord Jesus Christ! And experience and enjoy intimate fellowship with Christ as LORD forevermore! AMEN!

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