“They shall utter the memory of Your great goodness,
And shall sing of Your righteousness.” Psalm 145:7……….

Sometimes children on Christmas day go running early in the morning to the Christmas tree, start scrambling through their presents, go tearing through the wrapping paper, rush through opening their gifts, run off to enjoy whichever gifts they like best, and almost immediately forget the love, goodness, and generosity bestowed upon them from “Santa Claus” whom we know to be their parents. Sometimes, friend, sadly, even tragically, that’s exactly what some of us adults do when it comes to the love, goodness, and generosity of God almighty.

The Bible verse above is a powerful reminder for us to “utter” – or speak – the “great goodness” of the Lord. And not to just speak it, but to REMEMBER it! One step further, we can even SING as we REMEMBER and speak aloud of God almighty’s goodness and greatness and righteousness!

The Lord warned the Israelites not to forget Him when He delivered them from bondage in Egypt. But He tells us in the Bible that countless people through the course of history have done just that. They have forgotten Him. Let us believe in the Lord. Let us follow the Lord. Let us live for the Lord. Let us praise and worship the Lord. Let us speak of the Lord. Let us remember the Lord. Let us glorify the Lord, oh yes! AMEN! And let us draw ever closer to the Lord in our personal, day by day relationship with God through faith in and a forever commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ! AMEN!

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