“He has put a new song in my mouth— Praise to our God…” Psalm 40:3………….

One of the most wonderful, precious blessings the Lord has bestowed upon me is personal praise time with Him. How often, I wonder, and how many of us, confine praise and worship time to a Sunday church service or perhaps a Wednesday night service in a church building? Or how often do we think of praise simply as a time of saying, “Thank you God for this, and thank you God for that”?

But what about our alone time with the Lord Jesus Christ? What about when we commune with Him with our hearts and Bibles open, reading, learning, studying, being changed by Him as we learn of Him and from Him? Are our mouths open then beyond simply praying to Him? Are our mouths open wide with praise?

Or when we walk down the street and out in the country or on the sandy beach spending time with Him as I so love to do in the fresh bright outdoors, do we simply meditate on the Bible and pray to Him about this or that? Or are our mouths open wide with praise? With thanksgiving? Even with song? Worshiping almighty God?

I have learned to sing to Jesus. I don’t sing anyone else’s songs. I sing little songs that come pouring out of my heart and mouth. I sing in praise of God! I LOVE to spend time alone with the Lord. I LOVE to pray. I LOVE to read the Bible. I LOVE to listen for His voice. And in the midst of it all, I find myself sometimes simply singing aloud to the Lord! With praise and thanksgiving, not singing church songs when the choir conductor tells the congregants to sing. But when my heart pours out my love for Jesus!

Precious personal praise. Do you sing to Jesus? Do you spend time alone with Him? Do you read the Bible daily? Do you pray and listen for God’s voice? Do you thank the Lord for His wonderful goodness? Oh, praise, praise, praise the Lord! Praise Him for He is worthy of praise forevermore!

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