“My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me:” John 10:27……

The Lord makes plain and clear throughout the Bible He speaks to His people, and we learn as Christ followers He speaks by His Spirit who lives inside His followers through the Bible and to our hearts directly and personally always in line with the Bible and sometimes through others also always in line with the Bible. One of the most beautiful blessings of experiencing and enjoying a forever relationship with God through faith in and a life devoted to Christ is hearing God’s voice, but there are 5 desperately dangerous things we can do if we’re not careful:

1. We can not hear God’s voice because we don’t take the time alone with Him to read the Bible, pray, and listen.
2. We can hear something and not check it to see if it’s in line with the Bible to make sure it’s from God.
3. We can hear God speak to us and refuse to obey and rebel instead.
4. We can hear God and pretend we don’t hear Him.
5. We can hear God, obey God, and then stop listening because we figure we’ve heard enough and now we’d rather follow the voice of the flesh, the devil, and/or the world.

Friend, take time alone with Jesus every day no matter what, read the Bible day by day, be filled and re-filled with the Spirit of God, pray continually, listen, obey God, and don’t stop there. Grow in your relationship with the Lord and continue on seeking and hearing and obeying Him. Hearing and following the voice of Jesus is not only an absolute necessity in living for Christ as Lord, but it’s an amazing blessing please don’t miss!

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