“Then Peter said to them, “Repent, and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” Acts 2:38………

The man in a dress looked like he was in another world as he pranced and danced his way into a retail store entertaining himself and perhaps hoping to entertain anyone who cared to watch. But in New York City it’s always a gamble whether people watch – or not. Sometimes the city seems like one endless array of off-the-beaten track people. People, like all over the world, sadly, tragically, lost in debauchery. Lost in darkness. Lost in the gunky miry ultimately deadly muck and yuck and ugliness of un-repented sin as they prance and dance through their lives with their noses buried in earthly pleasures and their backs blatantly turned against God almighty.

The man in the dress got close enough to me that I was able to share what was on my heart. Sometimes I say lots. Sometimes I say little. Sometimes I say nothing. Sometimes I pray aloud. Sometimes silently. Sometimes not at all. Sometimes I give out Gospel tracts. Sometimes I share the Gospel. SometimesI talk about Jesus. Sometimes I share parts of my testimony. Sometimes I simply say hello, give a smile, maybe a hug, perhaps a helping hand. I try my best to follow the leading of the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ who abides in His followers.

My words were few and simple and essentially this

“Sir, the only answer is the Lord Jesus Christ.”

He was likely too far gone in those moments to hear any of the few words I said, but the Lord God almighty can break through anyone’s hardened heart to reach them to bring them to repentance and lead them into His forever Kingdom. I had spoken the most important words in the universe. LORD JESUS CHRIST. Whatever other few words I spoke as the man in the dress pranced by I don’t recall.

I crossed paths with the man in the dress for only minutes before he who was dressed as a she went off on his way, and I turned back to what I was doing in the store. Then off I went to continue on spending my life proclaiming the Lord Jesus Christ to a world in dire need of Him.

Sometimes we see lost, broken, sin-ridden people like men in dresses as nothing more than entertainment or as people to avoid altogether. Oh, but friend, we are all sinners whose only hope for a forever relationship with God instead of forever in hell and the lake of fire is THE LORD JESUS CHRIST.

We who have not yet surrendered to Him must turn to Him once and for always. We who already know Him must see the men in dresses and this world filled with others in dire need of Christ as opportunities to help people learn about and turn their lives over to Jesus now and forevermore!

Whether it’s a man in a dress dancing down the streets and into stores or a ritzy rich 90-year-old woman living in a mansion, whether it’s a homeless man living in a cardboard box doing drugs right on the sidewalk or a team of teen cheerleaders and their moms holding a picnic, there are people worldwide who need to hear the only way to eternal life is the Lord Jesus Christ.

Let’s not miss our opportunities wherever and whomever and whenever they may be. Let’s follow the leading of the Spirit of Christ as He compels us to reach out to a lost and perishing world with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ!

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