“Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” John 14:6……..

I couldn’t tell. I really couldn’t. I walked by. Walked by again. Up and down the streets doing this or that. Walking by a man passed out backwards on stone steps. Didn’t move for so long. Too long. I asked a man to check on him. Was told he was alive. Just drugged up. I asked another man. Was told again the man was okay. I wasn’t confident. I put a Gospel tract next to him. I didn’t say a word. I see people passed out all the time on the streets of New York City……….

When I saw a police car, I knew I needed to ask for help. The police moved quickly. And quickly found out the man needed serious help. Fire engine. Ambulance. People gathered around. The police had raised their hands in the air to put sterilized gloves on their hands. The kind people would wear to handle a dead body. Or a dying one. Or simply sick one.

I was told a while later the man was still breathing but unresponsive. Perhaps a drug overdose. I don’t know if he lived through it all. But I know this. I stood on the sidewalk and cried. For how this world is walking by dead and dying people all over the place rather than stopping to see, stopping to care, stopping to love, stopping to help, stopping to get help, most importantly, helping people to find and forever follow the Lord Jesus Christ.

If that man died, where was he headed? Heaven with Jesus? Or hell in eternal torment apart from God? The only way to forever life with God is through repentance and faith in Christ as Lord and Savior who died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead whereby we truly turn our lives over to God and His ways.

My heart grieves for this world right now. For all the people headed for hell. For all the people who profess to believe in Christ but have never truly turned their lives over to Him. For all the people who love Jesus but don’t take the love, time, and care to help others find and forever follow Him. For a world more than anything that seems to have its back turned on Jesus. For all the lost and dying and broken and hurting who need someone to stop and love them and to tell them Jesus is the only answer, the only hope, the only forever love and peace and joy.

Oh, please, friend, have you surrendered your life to Christ forever? Do you follow Him day in and day out faithfully? Are you truly His? Are you telling others about Jesus? Please love Jesus with all your heart and show it in your words and actions. Please tell the world about Him. He’s our only hope.

I prayed for that man and moved onto other matters. Like to the drug addict woman who is nothing more than a sack of bones who looked like she would breathe out venom at me when I spoke with her as she sat on the ground in her old clothes. Like to the woman I saw who told me she was broken and wanted me to go away when she became tired of talking and crying. And to wherever and to whomever the Lord leads me next.

Jesus is our only everlasting hope. Is He yours? And are you helping others to believe in and love and follow Him forever?

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