“For whatever is born of God overcomes the world. And this is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.” 1 John 5:4………..

“Don’t react out of fear,” the Spirit of God spoke.

The Lord knows me so well. Of course He does. He is God! He created me!

He knew what path my thoughts were headed down. And how I would soon take actions according to my flesh if I continued on that path. But He also knew I had a choice. I could come to Him, get rid of the fear, and seek His face so I would know His will. Then I could choose to obey. I could act in obedience to Christ instead of bow down to the fear.

What would I do? I turned to the Lord. I confessed my fear. I asked Him for faith instead of fear. Then I sought Him. I asked Him for His will. I trusted He would answer.

I knew I could react out of fear to what had been on my heart. Or I could act out of faith and love in accordance with God’s will for His glory.

I wish I could tell you the fearful feelings and fearful thoughts go away forever. Sometimes they come back. Sometimes mightily. Sometimes they seem they’ll never go away. The spiritual battle wages on. But victory is possible. In Christ.

This is the victory. Faith. In Jesus. Choosing to trust the Lord. Choosing to make decisions based on faith in God. Based on God’s will.

I have struggled with fear my whole life. But now I have a choice. Even when the fear seems like it will take over my life, it doesn’t have to. Because moment by moment I surrender my life to Jesus. Moment by moment I can choose to trust God. Moment by moment I can remember Jesus Christ is Lord, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, forevermore!

Choose faith, friend. Choose Christ. Choose God’s will. Choose obedience. Choose love. Choose to follow Jesus. Even when fear comes waging war against you, you can be victorious. In Christ. Put your trust in Him. Now. And forever. AMEN!

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