Dear friend,

When the Lord led me to move forward in my ministry work in a direction I had not expected to go, He reminded me He had already spoken to my heart months earlier. I had heard Him then but managed to convince myself He hadn’t really spoken. So months later, when His Spirit spoke to my heart again, I acted pretty much shocked and devastated.

What if I had listened in the first place? What if I had obeyed then? What if I had seriously sought Him in prayer and moved ahead with what He had told me originally?

I am reminded obedience to Christ isn’t just about doing what God says. It’s about when God says. It’s about how God says. It’s about whom God says. It’s about where God says. It’s about every detail God says. And it’s about having the right heart. A humble heart. A willing heart. A thankful heart. A heart desiring to love and obey Christ.

It’s time to move forward. And now I am. Because of the loving, merciful, kind, gracious, and patient God who forgives me for where I fell short, who leads me on in teaching me His ways, and who ever further grows me in His image.

I encourage you to think about where you stand with obeying God. Are you living a life of love and obedience as far as the Lord Jesus Christ is concerned?

We should be. Oh, yes we should! AMEN!

love & blessings,


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