“I delight to do Your will, O my God,
And Your law is within my heart.”” Psalm 40:8…….

“You can pretend you didn’t hear me because you don’t want to hear what I told you,” the Spirit of God spoke to me. “Or you can accept you heard me and put your trust in me and go ahead and do what I’ve told you. I will not give you any further instructions until you submit to me in what I’ve already given you.”….

I knew immediately I had a message. For me. And you. For all of us really. For all of us humans. For those who care to read this and to hear. And do.

Sad to say sometimes we seek the Lord with all our hearts for wisdom and instructions in some area of our lives – but we don’t always want to hear how He answers. We beg Him to tell us His will – but then we resist what we hear. Because the truth is we want Him to tell us what we want Him to tell us.

Friend, the Lord was warning me that I needed to not turn away from what He had told me. He had already told me twice in fact. The first time, I had resisted Him. The second time, I wanted to turn away. Where would I go from there? I knew what I needed to do. I needed to submit to the Lord and carry on. Continuing to seek Him and humbly yielding myself to whatever He wanted me to do going forward.

And you? Are you seeking the Lord? Are you listening? And, friend, are you doing? Please don’t turn away from God and His will. He will give us the strength to hear Him, and He will give us the strength to obey.

The psalmist in the verse above expresses DELIGHT in obeying the Lord. Let us strive to have the same heart in following Jesus! AMEN!

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