Latest Little Letter from Lara


Dear friend,

In the past few days, it’s been hard to imagine I could ever write again. So much change, so much challenge, such uncomfortable circumstances. But the Lord is faithful to enable us to do what He desires us to do. And I am learning day by day that when I feel like I can’t do something, it’s the perfect opportunity to witness myself and to share with and show others what I CAN do THROUGH CHRIST – and FOR CHRIST.

I encourage you to look at your life and see if there’s anything you’ve been holding back on doing that the Lord is leading you to do for fear you can’t do it or the belief that you can’t do it. If God has called you to it, do you believe He’ll give you all you need to do it? Have faith, friend! Hard to muster up the faith when we’re in the thick of the trial, isn’t it? Where can we get more faith? Best place to start is by reading God’s Word and spending time in His presence day by day. Next, we can increase our faith by hearing the preaching of the Bible and by encouraging one another!

I encourage you to read the Bible and spend time with the Lord daily! Reach out to followers of Christ to love, encourage, and pray for you! And keep going forward as the Lord leads you! All FOR HIS GLORY!

Love in Jesus’ name,


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