“Get ready to move,” a loved one told me yesterday when he heard about an unsafe situation I faced.

I knew in my heart his words to me were from the Lord and that it wasn’t so much about safety as it was about something else. Believe it or not, in the few days before, I had already been preparing to go to my next location well before I had originally thought I was supposed to go. Instinctively, I sensed God had something in the works. Once my loved one gave me that message, I increased my resolve to “get ready to move”.

The Lord revealed in my heart something about those words “get ready to move”. Moving isn’t always about changing location. But it’s about taking action. Going somewhere. In some way. On some level. Even right down to our thoughts. Our emotions. Our words. And yes, our actions. Moving is about going somewhere else. Maybe across the world to do missions work. Maybe across a room to give someone who’s hurting a hug.

We should always be ready to move when the Lord tells us to do something no matter what it is even if it’s simply to go to a different church or to go to the grocery store so we can share the Gospel with people we meet in the store.

I’m getting ready to move now. For me, that means lots of prayer, seeking God, fasting when He calls me to fast, waiting on Him, listening to Him, studying the Word, listening for His voice, praying with friends, asking others to pray, and yes, getting my belongings ready for whenever He calls me to take off for the next destination as I begin my third year by His grace for His glory of being on the road for Jesus full-time with my little crew of beloved special needs ministry service doggies.

Please if led pray for my preparations to “move”, for my “move”, and for safety, protection, health, and provision as I go forth! And that above all else the Lord Jesus Christ would be glorified in and through my heart, life, and ministry!

Love & blessings from a daughter of the Lord, lara

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