Recently I’ve been considering the price I’m paying for giving up a typical American lifestyle to be on the road for Jesus full-time with my beloved special needs doggies doing streets ministry and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books. I’m living a life I never fathomed living. Never dreamed of living. Never would have chosen. It’s beautiful. It’s amazing. It’s rich. It’s vibrant. It’s awesome. It’s incredible. It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. And, quite frankly, it is sometimes so exceedingly challenging I can’t imagine pressing on at times.

But I wouldn’t go back for anything in the world. For nothing in this life compares with the love and joy and privilege of being in Christ’s forever presence through faith in Him and a life devoted utterly to Him – and to the indescribably phenomenal blessing of spending my life loving and worshiping Him and helping others to find and forever follow Him.

That said, I am in a season of extreme exhaustion and extreme challenge in many ways. I would be blessed beyond measure if you would please pray your hearts out as the Lord leads you. And as I press on in the Lord’s work for the glory of God almighty, yes!

In His love,


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