“So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of My mouth.” Rev. 3:16…….

What fuels your fire to serve the Lord Jesus Christ? Do you have the fire to serve Him? Or do you serve the Lord merely out of obligation? Because you know you’re supposed to serve Him? Because you feel you need to do your good deeds each day? I am on fire for the Lord, and I’m on fire to serve Him. Here is why.

LOVE. His love for me, and mine for Him. RELATIONSHIP. My personal intimate ever-growing relationship with Christ. OBEDIENCE. The desire to obey the one I love more than anything or anyone in the universe. Know where this all begins? At the cross!

Jesus Christ, Son of God, died on the cross to pay our sin penalty and was raised from the dead so all who turn from our sins to Him as Lord, believing in His death and resurrection, truly turning our lives over to God and His ways, are forgiven and given everlasting life with Him. We enter into a forever relationship with the Lord instead of ending up in forever torment apart from Him in hell and the lake of fire.

The more time I spend with Jesus, the more I learn from Him and of Him, the closer I grow to Him, the more He conforms me to Himself, the more I love Him, and the more I desire to serve Him! This is not obligation. This is fiery, thrilling, exciting, beautiful, passionate, vehement, fervent, so very strong LOVE FOR THE LORD with a wholehearted, heartfelt yearning to please and honor and adore and serve the one I so love! This is fiery passion! This is uninhibited zeal for Christ!

May we serve the Lord with love and adoration in our hearts, with fervency, with endless passion, with a hunger and thirst to praise, honor, and glorify the one who died on the cross for us and was raised from the dead so all who surrender our hearts and lives to Him will be with Him forevermore!

Oh, love the Lord! Oh, serve the Lord! Serve with love! Love! Serve! Praise the Lord with a heart overflowing with love for God almighty in Christ, AMEN!

Jesus says in the scripture above He will vomit out those who are lukewarm. Will you be on fire for the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart and in service to Him? Fall in love with Jesus, friend! And serve Him with fiery passion, oh yes!


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