Yesterday, I had numerous opportunities as I walked my wheelchair doggies around the New York City park where I do much ministry work to hand out Gospel tracts and to talk to people about the Lord Jesus Christ whenever the Spirit of God so led me. I can’t help but think of two young women who like myself have hard stories who were so touched to receive the love and kindness the Lord poured through me into their hearts and lives as I shared with them how the Lord Jesus Christ is the answer. Oh, but this was but one of so very many opportunities with which the Lord blessed me. If I talked and wrote about the Lord Jesus Christ day and night, it would not be enough to satisfy my yearning to tell the world how He is the only way to a forever relationship with God and to help people not just believe in Him but to forever faithfully follow Him.

Given my calling to be on the road full-time doing streets ministry and writing and publishing Gospel tracts, devotionals, and books while caring for the ministry’s little crew of special needs doggies, I am in ever need of love, encouragement, prayers, strength, wisdom, discernment, protection, safety, and provision with which the Lord so lovingly, mercifully, graciously provides me.

Would you please pray for me and the ministry’s doggies? Top of the list today is LOVE and HEALING OF A HURTING HEART and STRENGTH and PERSEVERANCE and PROVISION!

Thank you for your prayers!!!!!!!!

love & blessings,


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